the only bass saxophone quartet in the universe

One (2010)

Our debut album "One" at Poise records. ORDER HERE


cultural value (raulf) 4:03
oh well (fleetwood mac - arr. kaiser) 2:42
that‘s right (kaling) 2:13
helter skelter (beatles - arr. kaiser) 2:13
the brand new (kaling) 4:18
sweet neo schrott (kaiser) 3:41
king crimson medley (arr. klare) 7:11
nice lines, man (kaiser) 3:12
thick description (raulf) 4:32
left behind (slipknot - arr. klare) 3:59
fire (kaling) 2:32
black dog (led zeppelin - arr. kaling) 3:45
can‘t get you out of my head (kylie minogue - arr. raulf) 3:43
when you think of me (kaling) 2:30
stairway to heaven (led zeppelin - arr. raulf) 4:13