the only bass saxophone quartet in the universe

Wollie Kaiser

Keilwerth bass saxophone

Also playing soprano & tenor sax, clarinet, bass & contrabass clarinet, flute, piccolo & alto flute. Plus guitar.

Founded the "Koelner Saxophon Mafia" in 1981, still being the group's mastermind and primus inter pares.

Further projects: Lithium 3, Blowin' Up Stones, Wollie Kaiser Timeghost, Composers United Ensemble, Fuga del Diavolo (after Wilhelm Busch).

Took part in more than 40 record productions, among them productions with Klaus König, Ekkehard Jost, Georg Ruby, Wittek-Kaiser-Manderscheid, Gabriele Hasler.

Lectureships at Folkwanghochschule Essen & Hochschule für Musik Saarland.

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