the only bass saxophone quartet in the universe

Dirk Raulf

Conn "Ladyface" bass saxophone (1935)

Also playing soprano, tenor and baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet.

1988 - 1993 Koelner Saxophon Mafia. 1987 - 1997 TOME XX. 1996 "Friedrich Hollaender or The Laughter of Loneliness" w/ vocalist Dagmar Krause. 2003 - 2009 NOX, singer/songwriter project with Gerd Köster. Since 2007 "sonargemeinschaft" (i. e. "sonar collective") w/ Frank Schulte (electronics); 2008 CD w/ guest guitarist Fred Frith. Since 2007 solo performances.

Several commissions for theatre, dance, film, tv, radio play and mixed media projects. Writer of radio plays and song texts. Collaborations & recordings w/ Keith Tippett, Meret Becker, Vinny Golia, Phil Minton, Frank Köllges a. o. Since 1996 own record label POISE.

Organizer and curator for Bundeskunsthalle, European Commission, WDR. Since 2003 artistic director of the "Promenade of Light" in Lippstadt. 2005 curator festival "Islandbilder". 2011 festival "Birthday Greetings from Cologne - Bob Dylan 70"

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